SleepGuard Review, Part 4

The customer service at (and the US Postal Service) just made me very happy. Only 3 business days after I made my complaint about the buzzing sounds, I received a new headband. Last night, I got it all set up on my head and went to bed. I experienced neither buzzing sounds nor insomnia. I kept the volume set to zero since I am still trying to establish a baseline measurement.

About 8 hours later, I woke up and took note of the display: 77 grinding events, for a total of 187 seconds of grinding/clenching. So, the grinding events are between 2 and 3 seconds on average. I entered my first set of data into Excel and look forward to seeing the progress of my sleep study.

I’m a little scared to turn on the volume, because I have this fear that it’ll just be beeping all the time, and I’ll be back in insomnia land. I think I’ll keep the volume off for another couple of days, just to get more comfortable with it.

One other thing: unfortunately, I seem to have a large zit forming deep under the skin in the center of my forehead right where the sound emitter is. Is this my body’s idea of a joke?

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