SleepGuard Review, Part 3


Last night, there was no kidding around. This was serious. I needed to attain sleep so I could get a baseline measurement. I was plenty tired around midnight, and put on the headband, with the volume set to zero. After about an hour of just lying there amid the fluffy covers, I started to realize I was on the road to insomnia for the second night in a row. I tried not to overthink it. But still, as the hours went by, I could not deny that I was simply “resting.” The little sound emitter was still making little random buzzing noises, which I was not pleased with.

I made myself count (made it to 330 before getting bored).

I did body relaxation techniques.

I free-associated Rat City Roller Girl names. (Bruise Willis, Joan of Ache, Smasha O’bomber, it gets worse)

Then, at 2:30am, I took a desperate shot of Kraken rum. By that time, I had somehow reached 21 grinding events.

I think the rum did the trick. I slept clear through until about 9:45am. I took off the headband so I could get at least another unencumbered hour. When I awoke and looked at the display, it read 52 grinding events, for a total of 99 seconds. So it’s likely that my grinding events are very short. Since the meter only records when you’ve been doing it for 2 seconds, with this average clenching time of 1.9 seconds, there’s really no way for me to be having longer events, since shorter ones would not be recorded to balance them out.

Another thing I noticed: the metal sensor/sound emitter in in the middle of the headband creates a faint circular outline on my forehead. When I rub it, it’s a little sore. It’s like my third eye. I hope it goes away.

Update: I sent a message this morning to Lee Weinstein at customer service at and received a very quick response. The buzzing I have been hearing is indeed a factory defect, due to a fingerprint left on the circuit board during assembly. Lee will be sending me a replacement headband which should arrive in just a few days. I am very pleased at how quickly and effectively I got a response and solution to my problem.


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