SleepGuard Review, Part 8

Before reviewing my latest findings, I should give a bit of back story. This fall, a good friend of ours who works as a camera operator for reality TV shows was investigating the very high levels of electromagnetic radiation produced by the microwave signal transmitter on her camera equipment. She carried a gauss meter around everywhere she went and took readings. One day she offered to explore every corner of S’s house to see where the highest EMF levels were. It turns out that the highest levels were in the bedroom, in the wall right behind the bed. Also, near the dimmer switch of the bedside lamp. I don’t recall what the numbers were, but the dial maxed out. This was a bit unnerving to us. It’s true that the main electrical box was on the outside wall of the bedroom, so this might explain the high EMF. We considered moving the bed, but didn’t really do anything about it.

Two months into my sleep study, and I have some more observations.

  • Sleeping at S’s house, I was starting to notice that my grinding events were quite a bit higher than while sleeping at my house.
  • Sometimes, I would just be lying there doing nothing and the SleepGuard would chirp randomly.
  • I decided to move my head closer to the lamp and sure enough, the SleepGuard started sounding.

So, it appears that we might have a little competition for jaw clenching in that bedroom. The SleepGuard detects electromagnetic waves, so it was VERY interesting to confirm that the bedroom’s EMF frequencies are high.┬áSo maybe I wasn’t backsliding as much as I thought? That was when we decided to try sleeping on the couch in the living room. Soon my numbers started dipping below 20 again, which is where I want to be.

However, there are some other developments that can’t be blamed on EMF.

  • The elastic of the headband is starting to bother the back of my head. It’s giving me an annoying surface headache.
  • One morning, the SleepGuard ended up on the floor and I have no idea how it happened.
  • Last night, I woke up at 4am, and when I checked the SleepGuard, it was powered off with just 2 grinding events. How strange. I kind of vaguely remember some loud beeping, but it’s clear that whatever happened, we both slept through something really really loud.
  • I absolutely LOVE not wearing the bite guard.

In summary, I am pleased with the decrease in clenching, but fear that struggling with the SleepGuard will be too much of a hassle. I would like to reach more of an equilibrium. In the next few weeks, I will be doing a few tests to see how I do with the biofeedback turned off.

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