SleepGuard Review, Part 6

I’ve entered an interesting phase of my sleep study. For the past week, I’ve been having trouble keeping the SleepGuard headband positioned properly on my forehead. What happens is that I’ll be awakened to the alarm beeping in the “disruption” pattern, which tells me that headband isn’t seated properly. I am able to get it back under control without too much trouble, but unfortunately when this happens, the number of grinding events has already been mistakenly incremented so much (a rather annoying bug of the device) so that the data has become tainted for that night. So, for 5 days, my readings were quite high, around 30 grinding events.

I did not enter this data onto the graph.

Last night, I applied a bunch of Tensive gel to the sensors, which is the recommended solution to the “Unreliable connection” problem. I made it through the night with no loss of connection.

What’s interesting is that my grinding events have increased quite a bit. They’re not anywhere close to the baseline levels, but I suspect that my mind is getting used to the beeping sound, and learning how to sleep through it. One other observation that seems to corroborate that theory is that I just don’t remember anything from the night. I don’t remember waking up to the beeping sound, and I certainly don’t recall any grinding or clenching.

I turned up the volume to 4, but that level only refers to the maximum volume that the beeping reaches if you ignore the initial levels. It will be interesting to see how this new phase develops. Am I just teaching myself to sleep through louder and louder alarms? Only time will tell.

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