Name That Apple

I’m almost ashamed to say that I spent two hours researching apple cultivars, and still didn’t figure out what my apples are. The closest description is of the “Bramley’s Seed” apple, an old English cooking variety. The description suited my apples perfectly…until I read the part about it being a Triploid which requires two pollinating partners. I always thought my tree was self-fertile, since I don’t have any other apple trees. Perhaps it was bad that the neighbors cut down their 15 year old tree this summer…


Raised in Southwell, Nottinghamshire between 1809 and 1813.  First exhibited in 1876 and received a First Class certificate from the RHS in 1893.

Large, flat round, irregular.  Shape all variations on flat round.
Green but can develop flush and stripes later in a garden or orchard (not in the supermarket!)  Skin becomes very greasy when stored.

Cavity deep and wide, russeted.
Stalk short and stout, within cavity.
Basin very wide and medium depth, ribby, puckered, sometimes beaded.
Eye large, closed or partly open.

Sepals broad and downy.
Flesh green white, acid, ideal cooker.

Tube wide cone, can sometimes look almost like a funnel, Stamens median, Core axile but open.

Tree very vigorous

Here is a photo comparison:

Bramley’s Seedling apple, from
My unidentified apple




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